Comic Book DS is a program making it possible to read Comic Books on your Nintendo DS.
It can also be used as a photo or image based documents viewer.
Those books must be converted with your computer in order to be used on the DS.
Two programs are necessary:
  • The PC part, PictoDS, developped by Nicom00k, converts your pictures into a .cbds file (those pictures can be in a folder, a .zip, a .cbz, a .cbr, a .rar)
  • The DS part, ComicBookDS, developped by me, allows to display those .cbds files in a fast, pleasant and intuitive way (well, I hope;) ).
Different themes for ComicBookDS are available in this page.
Alternatively, the python script pycbds, developped by Borja can also be used to create .cbds files.


Le convertisseur

Direct Access

PictoDS 2.1

Python Command line script


Comic Book DS 3.0